The Velvet Manicure™?

Ciaté’s latest release at Sephora


Blam! Pow!

OPI, take note.  This is how you do a comic book* inspired collection:

image from Nouveau Cheap

A few of these are repromotes.  All of them are glossy, bold and bright.  No frosty pink or weak coral.

*Or comic book movie


If you haven’t heard by now, California state ran tests on 25 random brands of polish used at nail salons, and found bottles labelled 3-Free claims that were actually not.

Investigators found that 10 of 12 products that claimed to be free of toluene actually contained it, with four of the products having dangerously high levels.

The report also found that five of seven products that claimed to be “free of the toxic three” included one or more of the agents in significant levels.

Brands whose products tested positive include Sation, Dare to Wear, Chelsea, and New York Summer, all are popular in the online community.

Educate yourself — Business Week has the  full list, and the entire article here.

Oscar Nails

Just like at Fashion Week, nails at the Academy Awards could be put in two categories: pale or nude colors and black/near black colors.  Two pairs of hands stood out to me, though.  Kelly Osbourne wore a deep green to … Continue reading