Girl On Fire Mani

Girl On Fire nails in direct sunlight

Everyone’s doing it — sharing their Hunger Games inspired nails. Over the weekend I painted mine in a fiery gradient design. Unfortunately in my excitement I piled on too many layers too fast and some of my nails popped off before I could take pictures. So I swatched it on a nail wheel, step by step, to share with you.

I used these polishes:
L to R: China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell, Finger Paints Flashy, Saffron London Colour 08

Step by step:

  • After cleaning your nails and applying your base coat, paint nails in China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, two coats for full coverage.





  • Paint a thin line of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell on the tip of the nail.





  • Paint a second layer of Chunky Holo Bluebell, dabbing the color lower onto the nail.





  • Using Finger Paints Special Effects polish in flashy, or any orange/yellow based flake polish, continue the non uniform dabbing of polish onto the nail.





  •   Finally, add a layer of gold glitter polish, covering only the orange/flame part of the nail — do not paint over the solid Smoke and Ashes color.  Saffron London colour 08 contains two sized of hexagonal gold glitter for a random effect.




  •   Finish with top coat.  I use Seche Vite to better seal all the layers together.





The colors together make a gorgeous burning ember look for the perfect Girl On Fire inspired manicure.


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