China Glaze Capital Colours Pre-Order (Edited March 22)

Probably the most anticipated polish collection this year, I have found two sources for pre-ordering Capital Colours.

Hot Topic is now taking pre-orders through their website, with a release date of February 22.  However, they only ship to the 48 states.


Edit March 22: It has been brought to my attention that pre-orders made through the Amazing Beauty Supply website have still not been received.  I am horrified to hear so many people seem to have been duped by this company.  I want to make clear I do not endorse Amazing Beauty Supply or condone their behavior by previously mentioning their pre-order in this post.  I hope that this matter can be solved and all the Hunger Games and nail polish fans who ordered from the website get refunds.  Luckily the polishes are still widely available.  On another note, I started reading book one yesterday and am almost finished, and can’t believe it took me this long to get around to reading.  I am so in love with this book!  Am painting my nails in Smoke and Ashes in preparation for seeing the movie this weekend.

What colors are you most looking forward to?

Please note: I do not have experience purchasing from either website, so I cannot comment on their customer service, I merely came across the information and wanted to share.

3 thoughts on “China Glaze Capital Colours Pre-Order (Edited March 22)

    • Have you read something somewhere or is it just a hunch? I would feel terrible to have linked to them if they are not a real business. Like I mentioned in the post I have not purchased from them I just wanted to give my international readers an option I came across. If you can present anything that shows any shady practices I will definitely rectify my post. J

      • A lot of Hunger Games fans have ordered from them, and everyone is angsting about the orders having not yet been fulfilled. I’m searching trying to find a single person who says they received their order….

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