How I store my polish (Updated January 2012)

I needed to upgrade my collection storage but the IKEA options were failing to meet my two main requirements: compact in size and pleasing to the eye. Enter the Container Store.


The Bloom 3-Drawer Cart is perfect for my 200+ bottle collection. I have my stash separated by drawers: top is untried, bottom is nude, greige, metallic and dark polishes and the middle drawer is brights and everything in between. The casters make it easy to move around my home and the top allows me a mobile workspace. It does require assembly which took at least an hour to complete. I estimate that each drawer could hold between 150 and 175 bottles of polish.

Update, January 2012: While the Bloom still resides in my office, it doesn’t cut it for storage any more.  While it does hold a lot of polish per drawer, I simply ran out of room.  Additionally, one of the casters broke rendering it immobile.  The drawers are also heavy and unwieldy when filled to their maximum.  I am in the process of transferring my collection to the craft storage cubs known in the Blogosphere as Melmers.  My bottles fit nicely inside their sturdy drawers, and the compact size is perfect for my small work space.  My first Melmer sits on top of my Bloom; I purchased it because I ran out of room in the Bloom but I am now a convert, and will be watching the Michael’s sales closely so I can transfer my whole collection over on my budget.

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